"Winterpills gradually builds elegant arrangements... While the gathered instruments offer some solace, the songs stay haunted. “ - New York Times

“I don’t know why Winterpills aren’t one of the most cherished pop bands in the world: Their songs are mournful, slow-exploding and lyrically dazzling, and their albums have a coherence that’s rare.”  
- Jonathan Lethem, Rolling Stone

“Winterpills fourth LP might be their best. The songs are mists and pastels, dense with instruments and Philip Price and Flora Reed's harmonies, yet at the same time serene. “We Turned Away”, “Amazing Sky”, and “Feather Blue” as evocative as dreams.   -MOJO (FOUR STARS)

“This Massachusetts band [makes] lush, off-kilter pop-rock in which nothing makes sense but everything sounds wondrous.” - USA TODAY

" A specimen of near-perfect musical pacing... a well-written group of tunes which doesn’t just deserve your attention, it earns your attention." - Daytrotter 

“Beesting” by Winterpills is one of 12 seductive tracks that are apt to get stuck deep in your bonnet... Like all good things, this is a band that defies easy labeling. “Beesting” is aswirl with voices, guitars and other shimmering delights.“ - Grant- Lee Phillips for Magnet Magazine 

“This indie-folk quintet traffics in the best kind of lean-in-and-listen music.” – The Boston Globe 

“This disc scores very high in our imaginary "this is what music is and was meant to be" chart. Gorgeous understated production, lovely melodies sung by people who can really sing...” -The Village Voice 

“Witness Winterpills’ “Handkerchiefs,” which stuffs grim ingredients into a winsomely pretty package that feels strangely sparkly, even downright lilting.” - National Public Radio 

“A sense of hope permeates the album's gorgeous sonic textures and melancholic, muted palette. ...richly articulated melodies and carefully rendered arrangements.” -Paste 

“Deeply moving...heartrending... a mesmerizing flash of warmth among the turned- down lamps and cold hardwood floors of a wintry night. Singers Philip Price and Flora Reed harmonize like kin.” - No Depression 

"[An] ice-filigreeing-the-bare-trees sound, cold and achingly beautiful -- is what sets this group apart... downright glorious when the harmonies start, as crisp and shining as crystal." - The Washington Post 

“Gracefully obscure lyrics and artfully dreamy vocals curl over lush acoustic-electronic layers and catchy pop structures: Think Psychedelic Furs meet Magnetic Fields and Elliott Smith while mulling late-period Beatles in Radiohead’s studio. These are cool, literate dreamscapes where even some airy soulfulness wafts in.” -The Boston Herald 

“Rich textures and shimmering radiance... Central Chambers is worth any extra effort involved to uncover its charms, because it then reveals a beauty that’s subtle yet sublime.” - Blurt 

"Winterpills has offered up a debut of faultless, sparkling indie pop, reminiscent of the gems once tossed out by the late Elliott Smith... a perfect album." - Performer Magazine 

“Each of these six tunes is a miniature revelation...“Tuxedo of Ashes” is a searing, deeply moving song capping an all too brief collection from a band that is only becoming more essential.” - The Hartford Courant